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It is the asset that dictates the perception of your customer, your prospects and your employees; and an asset that you can mould to be the key to influencing behavior. Behavior that can ultimately, make or break your business. With this in mind, surely its one of the most important investments that you will make as a business owner? Particularly with the unreliable business climate that has been experienced over the past decade; if your business has suffered with profits or growth, then revisiting your brand and its strategy could provide a fresh perspective on the state of affairs, along with some much needed inspiration. The branding of your business should not be viewed as yet another cost against your marketing budget; it should be treated as an investment. An investment, if nurtured properly has the potential to yield exponential returns throughout the life of your business. For example, a poor press review for a new product might harm the product manufacturers overall brand by placing negative associations in peoples minds. Solid branding gives you the authority to position yourself as an expert and a leader in your industry. By putting your core values at the heart of your brand, you are able to resonate with customers at an emotional level, giving you an advantage over customers. Those brands with a meaningful corporate responsibility are able to justify their value and command higher prices for their offerings. Thorough research is absolutely key, by conducting brand research you can put yourself in a position of power. You are able to delve into your audience; who they are, what careers they are in, what is important to them, what lives they are leading. You can look at industry trends; what is well received, what content is most engaging, what topics do people not engage with, what platforms encourage the most social interaction. While staying with the tribe, Davis, who is also a triathlete, was allowed to accompany them on hunting expeditions. Hunts began in the morning at a pace alternating between a jog and a run. A dedicated Branding Agency Manchester can provide a wide variety of services depending on their clients particular needs. Not only are the right customers going to purchase from you, but they will also be converted into loyal brand advocates who will speak highly of you and become an influence to others. I think recently there has been a move back towards a more integrated branding approach. For me the focus should always be on customer experience. So get to know your customer and how they consume information and tailor your mix to suit and this will help you to also define the best digital channels to use. Once you gain a better understanding of your audience, you can forget any wasted efforts on a scatter gun approach that you have used previously. You have enabled yourself to create highly targeted campaigns to your most valuable audience. A bold brand image and identity that is well articulated will increase the effectiveness of your marketing strategy, because all of the efforts will be seamlessly integrated. Your brand guidelines will aid you in creating campaigns that reinforce the message and not shooting in the dark each time it comes to develop a new one. Would you buy from a brand that is dated, lack lustre or a brand that is fresh, bold and exciting? Brands that are current and well defined are easier to sell because they have a compelling narrative woven into every part of their brand. Instead, it says This is what I am. If you agree, if you like me, you can buy me, support me, and recommend me to your friends. The perception of your brand will determine the behaviour of your customers, which in turn determines the way that your brand performs financially. Its time to reconsider your opinion of a company rebranding; rather than view it as yet another cost that needs covering, view it as an investment. An investment that will help you to become more authoritative, attract loyal brand advocates that are willing to pay higher prices; all elements that will build brand equity while making you a market-leader. In a world where innovation is considered a key element for successful, to avoid branding yourself as a bold, innovative company would leave us wondering if you even want to be profitable at all.
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